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Group Reservations

Make Your Group Reservation Today for Penguin Bay!

Penguin Bay Winery has a second tasting bar that is large enough for groups of up to 50 people to enjoy their tasting together from 9am to 3pm!

For groups 10 to 50 people we highly recommend that you make a reservation in order to ensure that your whole group will be able to do a tasting together at Penguin Bay Winery! Please call us toll free (Monday through Friday) at 1-888-549-WINE (9463).

Also know that times for reservations fill up quickly during the summer and fall months! To ensure that your group will be able to do a tasting at a prefered time, please call us as soon as possible to make your reservation!

Group Reservation at Penguin Bay (1 of 1)Tips for Planning a Wine Tour

  • Plan & make reservations early! With summer and fall being the busy seasons, it’s best to plan early since many wineries may fill all reservation times- making it much more difficult to plan your tour.
  • Map out your trip before you start calling the wineries.  To plan your trip allot enough time for travel between wineries (Google maps does this!), time for the tasting, and don’t forget time for shopping, site-seeing, selfies and restroom breaks. And be sure to keep record of your trip, there are a lot of wineries and it would be pretty embarrassing and disappointing to go to the wrong winery!
  • Check out what events are happening at the wineries and wine trails ahead of time. There may be certain events you want to attend,  click here for the Seneca Lake Wine Trail’s website.
  • When you make reservations be sure to ask what the tasting fee is for each winery. On the day of your wine tour have the money for the whole group ready as you enter each winery, this will save you time rather than each person paying individually. (Deposit fees and payments vary for each winery) TIP: Some groups will even have each person hand the tasting fee to one person as they get off the bus, that way one person has ALL of the tasting fees!
  • Drive responsibly! Have a designated driver or better yet, rent a car, limo or bus so that everyone can taste! If you do have a designated driver many wineries have non-alcoholic juice or beverages for your driver so they aren’t left out!
  • Have fun! Enjoy one of the most beautiful wine countries in the nation with some of the best wines in the world!