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  • 2015 Pinot Noir

    2015 Pinot Noir

    * DRY * This lighter to medium bodied red wine has cherry aromas that have been enhanced by aging in French oak.

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  • 2017 Pinot Noir Blaufränkisch

    2017 Pinot Noir Blaufränkisch

    * Dry *  Aged in French oak for 1 year, this 60:40 blend combines the fruit and elegance or Pinot Noir with the peppery Lemberger notes. Produced from a cool growing season with a sunny and dry Fall.

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  • 2015 Lemberger-Pinot Noir

    2015 Lemberger-Pinot Noir

    * DRY * The perfect blend of two premium red wines with a combination of spicy black pepper and cherry aromas. BUY 2 BOTTLES FOR $25. MUST HAVE 2 BOTTLES IN YOUR SHOPPING CART TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT. MAY MIX AND MATCH WITH 2017 DRY GEWÜRZTRAMINER & 2017 PINOT GRIGIO. Gold & 91pts - Sommelier Challenge, CA

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  • Maroon Four

    Maroon Four

    * DRY * A dry oak-aged Shiraz Style blend with great black pepper and berry fruits with a smooth finish.

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  • 2016 Cabernet Franc

    2016 Cabernet Franc

    * DRY * This dry red wine is medium bodied with aromas of cherries and vanilla, making it versatile when pairing with meals.

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  • Humboldt Red

    Humboldt Red

    * SEMI-DRY * A light and slightly semi-dry red has a fresh berry taste without the pucker of most reds.

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  • Tuxedo Red

    Tuxedo Red

    * SWEET * With its delicious flavors of fresh Concord grapes, this sweet red wine can dress up for any occasion.

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  • Blackberry


    * SWEET * Benny has captured the sweet juicy flavors of his freshly seized blackberries in this red wine. It tastes as though he stuffed those berries right into the bottle for safekeeping until the coast is clear and he can revel in his delicious wine with a chocolaty pairing.

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