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  • Swedish Hill 2006 Brut

    Swedish Hill 2006 Brut

    * DRY * A very dry style sparkling wine with toasty and creamy flavors.

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  • Swedish Hill Naturel

    Swedish Hill Naturel

    * DRY * A crisp and dry sparkling wine that emphasizes delicate fruitiness.

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  • Swedish Hill Blanc de Blanc

    Swedish Hill Blanc de Blanc

    * SEMI-DRY * Our sister winery, Penguin Bay's, most popular sparkling wine, smooth and crisp semi-dry with aromas of lemon and apple.

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  • Goose Watch Golden Spumante

    Goose Watch Golden Spumante

    * SEMI-SWEET * A semi-sweet sparkling wine with fresh grapey aromas, perfect to celebrate any special occasion!

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  • Swedish Hill Spumante Blush

    Swedish Hill Spumante Blush

    * SEMI-SWEET * Sweeter and fruitier than most sparkling wines with fresh grape and rose blossom aromas.

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