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  • Pensecco


    *SEMI DRY* This crisp and fruity semi-dry bubbly is made from Cayuga White and Riesling, and resembles many popular Prosecco wines. Pensecco is just a bit more bubbly than most Proseccos and boasts the crisp cool flavors that the FLX has become famous for!! Best of Class & 93 Points – LA International 5/19

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  • Sparkling Dry Riesling

    Sparkling Dry Riesling

    *DRY* This crisp and concentrated dry sparkling wine showcases all the classic flavors of Finger Lakes Riesling. Natural bubbles were produced by a second fermentation. Silver- NY Wine Classic, 2019

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  • Sparkling Bella Rosa

    Sparkling Bella Rosa

    *SEMI-SWEET* Natural bubbles produced by a second formation assure lasting effervescence in this semi-sweet Rosé.  Made from the historic Isabella grape, one of the first grapes to be planted in New York State.

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